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We’ve tried and tested different hair straightening brush brands over the last few months. Here you can find reviews of the most popular products out there right now. To start off, here are our top picks for newbies and advanced users.

Editor choice Sela Review, Combining the Best Hair Tool Technologies

Sela Review, Combining the Best Hair Tool Technologies

Impressed with the controls and easy to read LCD display. For less than half of a good ceramic straighter this tool offers so much more.

Best price 2 AsaVea Electric Hair Straightening Brush Reviewed

AsaVea Electric Hair Straightening Brush Reviewed

This is one of the great product in this category for anyone who straightens their hair on a regular basis. This hair straightener brush will most certainly make and keep your hair more manageable.

User rating:
Best value 3 Proteove Hair Straightening Brush Detailed Review

Proteove Hair Straightening Brush Detailed Review

With this brush it takes 15 minutes to get rid of the frizz and extra fluff. Its easy it is to use and doesn't get tangled in the hair like other brushes sometimes do.

Best price 4 Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Honest Review

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Honest Review

It does straighten your hair. With heat and repeated brushing it will do its job. This looks like a good idea, instead of using a separate brush and a straightening iron, you can use only a 2-in-1 tool for the job.


You go to a party at night. You come back. Your hair still looks immaculate. Finally, it’s time to get to bed. You wake up in the morning, let suppose, for work. But hang on, you take a look in the bedside mirror and cannot recognize the face you see. Mainly because the beautifully straightened hair of the evening are now a jumbled, messed up bird’s nest and a sigh escapes your lips. It will take a whole hour to work them out and separate them from each other again.

Let us figure out what your best options.

One of the options is to regularly comb your hair and pin it up in a style. But a major disadvantage is the pain it will cause and the time it will take to make them look cool and a give them a workplace aura.

Another option is to work on them using the electric hair straightener. Although a widely used apparatus, it still takes a hell lot of time to straighten the hair out. Moreover, there have been numerous instances of scalding scalp and burnt fingers.

So what are we left with?

Of course the popular, modern and aesthetic hair straightening brush. Hair straightening brushes are going viral all over the world just because of their instant magic silky hair styling, anion hair care and above all the serious safety measures that have a feature of styling hair without scalding.

They range from $30 to 200 US dollars still nearly all of them come with a decent warranty and a refund opportunity. And what is more than safety and saving your time while managing the tangled hair. Hair straightening brushes are featured by a ceramic technology. They get hotter, stay warm and make the hair shiny and long due to this ceramic based technology.

These hair straighteners work well on even the most difficult to manage hair and end up un-tangling them. They save the time and work on different temperatures. All the different temperatures are used for different type of hair. Nearly 365°F for delicate colored fine hair, 410 for naturally textured hair and a 450°F for thick or wavy hair. All this is visible on an LED display engineered at the back of the brush handle. They take away frizz and flatten even the tightest curls, often in about half the time required. Hair straighteners are also sometimes called “flat irons” and they offer adjustable options. There are styles to treat short hair, long hair, fine hair and thick hair. Most of the popular styles of hair straighteners are lightweight yet sturdy, scratch resistant and easy to clean, and many offer an ergonomic design. They are usually made to prevent pulling the hair, tangling and breakage.

Thus the hair brush straighteners are an amazing new modern technology to serve the purpose of straightening your tangled hair in the minimum amount of time.

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